I am on the PINK side of life, are you? We all need to endeavor to stay healthy and pink in the coming years.

What better way to end an active, healthy day than enjoying not only the company of my husband, but a colorful sunset. Looking for a moment to contemplate the day and even give thanks for all that is well? This is one of those inspiring sunsets; a burst of passionate pink meant to inspire us to be the best version of ourselves. Sunsets and sunrises are a huge perk of being nomadic part of the year.

When I think of pink, flowers and flowering trees comes mind. As do bubble gum, roses and Pepto bismo…but I’ll only share a couple recent spring pink blooming photos 😁

Where I live we can’t grow these types of trees so it’s always a delight to be in other parts of the country during spring to enjoy them up close.

Feminine, Passionate, Loving, Friends

To the two best PINK friends a girl can have! (I’m on the right).

About the Challenge

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