Our photo challenge theme this week is Christmas Song Lyrics. This should’ve been simple as I have many favorite songs that I enjoy during the season. Unfortunately, I didn’t have too many photos that seemed to fit. We don’t live in snow climate for winter wonderland pictures nor have a fireplace for roasting chestnuts. So, back to the archive I go.

O’Christmas Tree

O’Christmas Tree, O’Christmas tree,
How lovely are your branches!

Not only green in summer’s heat,
But also winter’s snow and sleet

Luckily for you, I actually have lovely evergreen pictures to share with you. Sure beats some of my home, poor lighting Christmas tree photos from years past.

Lovely Lights and Delightful Decorations

If you’ve visited this blog before, you know we travel in our custom camper many months of the year. Although we’re typically home at Christmas we do stumble into decorated Christmas Trees from late November to New Years in our travels. I always gaze at them in wonder. They brighten and cheer up every space. I love all the lights and how the trees just sparkle.

O’Christmas Tree, O’Christmas tree,
How lovely are your branches!

Of all the trees most lovely,
Each year you bring to us delight
With brightly shining Christmas Light

My home Christmas Tree isn’t necessarily spectacular but has always been a display of memories over time. I even have a few original ornaments from 1985. Today, as we travel, I periodically pick out an ornament as my token souvenir and absolutely love revisiting those special trips every year as the ornaments find their place on the tree.

Most Recent Acquisition Finally On the Tree

Why Evergreens

You’ve probably read the history of our Christmas Trees in America coming from the German tradition of candlelit trees. But did you also know that long before that, our ancient ancestors used evergreen boughs over their doors and windows; in many place it was believed they would keep away witches, ghosts, and illnesses.

Christmas Tree Farm Camping!

On our first year of traveling we joined a great community that connected you with other RV’ers who allow you to park on their property. And on our way towards Michigan for this big first trip, we ended up staying at a Christmas Tree Farm.

O’Christmas Tree, O’Christmas tree,
We learn from all your beauty.
Your bright green leaves with festive cheer,
Give hope and strength throughout the year

NOTE: Song Lyrics were courtesy of the Christmas Music Song website.

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