This is part 1 of the major repairs our old Lance Camper needed. After 2 years of use and nearly a year of non-use, it is time to give Lance some love.

There were a few areas we need to take care on the old camper before we can put it up for sale.

  • Return it to it’s base configuration
  • Repair the lamination problem on the front nose of the camper
  • Tear open the Floor to see why there’s a soft spot and repair any wood rot
  • Top to Bottom cleaning and prepping for a video For Sale

Before our summer travels, we relocated the camper into the shop. Not an easy task since we no longer could load it into a truck bed and move it. It was lowered down onto a group of 6x6s and dollys and ever so slowly was pushed and pulled back into the shop. Steve had already done some of the changes back to the original configuration such as reinstalling the generator and camper lead acid battery. So next up, Steve decided to tackle the floor problem first. This video is the huge floor repair.


Wood rot is terrible for any camper, trailer, RV. Poor maintenance of the outside structure to ensure there is no water working its way in in between walls is one path to accumulating water damage. Another path which is an interior plumbing water leak. This first video is about the 2nd scenario. There was an old fresh water tank leak in the floor of this camper. It had new laminate flooring in place when the owner before us purchased the camper. They, like us never suspected a problem. However shortly after we were putting the old Lance on the road, Steve did notice a soft spot in the floor.

You never can tell how much a small soft spot equals how much wood is rotted! It was pretty bad.

What’s Next

More Lance repair work is getting done and it’s a trickier effort is going on now. Other than that, we will be spending time with family and friends through this 2021 Holiday Season.

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