2022 already has a grip on us and before we get too far sucked into life in the new year, I thought it’d be fun to share our road tripping highlights from 2021.

As predicted, we had a few obligations and projects that dictated where and when we would be heading throughout the past year. Fortunately, we also had flexibility to still disappear and discover new adventures in a variety of states.

We traveled to and through 11 different states in the camper. Add in our 2 states via air and our Mexico vacation, that’s 14 unique “states” in a span of 6 months. The road tripping was about 11,000 miles and our fuel costs were about $3000. As Steve noted, that’s a $0.30/mile cost for all that driving and living on the road. Since we don’t really pay more for housing or food over what we do when we’re not on the road, that is a pretty inexpensive way to explore a lot of the US.


What’s in Store for 2022?

We don’t really know. February 2022 takes us to a Truck Camper Rally in AZ next month, where Steve will be hosting 2 classes. We’ll follow that up with a short trip to the Phoenix, AZ area to help my daughter finalize her move and do some basic new (old) home fix it items with her.

Beyond that, the rest of the year is unplanned! And it’s unplanned because we simply don’t know how the new house plans and sourcing of contractors for the build will come together. Once some of those details get locked in, we’ll be in Idaho; traveling will be worked in from there.

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