My number one answer is to walking in fresh air because it is better than your brain slogging and sifting through life’s minutiae.

Refresh your mental work

I learned late in my life that a long nature walk or hike is my way of restoring mental energy. Sunshine and fresh air never gets old. sometimes it allows me to focus on my body and give the brain a break. Once on break, the mental work proceeds quietly in the background while body and mind are refreshed.

Connections are Refreshed

Hiking (or walking or spending time outdoors) builds connections. You have the gift of time with others without technology interrupting. Love getting a hike in. It’s especially enjoyable to have the company of a new or old friend, family member or new acquaintance. Such a good way to build a bond while spending uninterrupted time with each other.

Girl Trip and Joshua Tree National Park

Steve and I walk in the neighborhood when we’re home. It’s turned into time we share what we’ve been working on, reading, and planning. Even more importantly, it’s become a break from obligations to just enjoy each other’s company.

Solitude Refreshes the Mind

Although connections need nurturing and getting out int the fresh air and sunshine is a perfect environment, sometimes solitude is needed.

Where better to find solitude but outside in the fresh air?

Steve at Elk Lake, MT

In solitude the mind gains strength and learns to lean upon itself.

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Refresh the View

Struggling with a problem? Along with fresh air, sunshine and solitude, finding a unique perspective or view help me to zero in on my options or even a solution. I have found that using my camera has trained me to see things from a different view. Which in turn, brings new ideas and thoughts to the surface. Engaging our creativity maybe to be a pastime of our youth hiding behind the busyness of everyday life, yet using creativity is a skill needed for problem solving. It is worth nurturing both as we grow into adults and as we move forward in life.

I’m sure many of you also now see details differently when framing for a shot. I know I have.

It’s also a simple joy to capture the view. Here’s a few captured “Fresh” views from my world. What kind of fresh view have you captured?

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