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By definition, roadtrips are a journey by vehicle for pleasure. The pleasure part is what motivates us to plan such a journey. It’s exciting to see something new, step back in time in a historical place, discover iconic or amazing scenery, and of course, snapping that perfect picture. We pack the cooler, playlists, podcasts, maps, suitcases, cameras, and all our reservations and hit the road. Memories here we come!

Roadtrip Reality

The middle of any roadtrip is the best. We’ve arrived at THE destination. We can relax. We can see something new and possibly exciting; maybe we can even experience something new such as a zip line, snow shoes, the local cuisine. Eventually, we’ve seen what we came to see and it’s time to turn around. The return trip home is, frankly, a drag.

All the anticipation of something new and exciting is now fulfilled. The final stretch is tiring and you don’t really want to drive anymore. Hopefully, you’ve made it through the middle stretch without complications such as weather, accidents, navigation failures, vehicle failures, broken bones, bug bites or food poisoning. Although, a good sob story makes for a more dramatic story, in the moment it obviously can be stressful, miserable, expensive and again a drag. Now, having your ideal roadtrip has been cut down by reality.

All the above are my personal experiences over many, many roadtrips. Even so, I’ve built my retirement as a perpetual roadtrip. Why? The excitement leading up to a new place and experience is very real and will trump the letdowns and setbacks every time.

There’s both a mental energy and a physical energy to moving around that’s invigorating for both us and our pup, Mr. Cooper. Energy that’ll keep us all a little bit younger, healthier and maybe more interesting.

No Expectations

What is best? Roadtrips that have no schedule and no expectations are best. Our retired life is our current life which is on the road. We crafted this perpetual roadtrip as a way to get out and see and do. I’m still in awe over how much life, nature, history is around us that I never new existed. Or maybe I was so wrapped up in career, parenting, daily living that I didn’t care? Now, with no expectations we continue to collect experience after experience.

Roads Traveled

This roadtrip has placed me on pavement, gravel and dirt roads all ending up somewhere new.

For 4 years now, we have traveled many roads and many miles in the United States; mostly the western side of our country.

Our first year of traveling around was fast paced. We were destination and deadline driven. I suspect we still had not completed shedded our working life behaviors. A few years in and now, we treat our travels as a simple, leisurely relocation of our the tiny home on wheels.

I prepare each leg by looking at weather, routes, trails using various resources. Pick a general area. Then scour satellite maps, camping reviews and even state DOT sites as needed to understand our parking options, road conditions, wind and temperature, attractions, supply and fuel areas. This process has become much easier. Even for a 1 week vacation roadtrip with hotel stays, I’d still be doing much the same prep work.

Of course, today we travel in the custom camper and we prefer to get off pavement even if it’s to go off grid for a few days. Sometimes we actually go to the sand!

Padre Island National Sea Shore in our old 2000 Lance

Along the way we visit parks, sites, museum, little towns, trails and overlooks. Sometimes we even visit people!


All these traveled roads have built a network of memories I will cherish forever. My photo libraries, this blog and our YouTube channel document it all. Someday, I’ll stop documenting.

At some point I’m sure I’ll need to get off this roadtrip. I can rest and revisit my memories of this journey.

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