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Maximus being built

Our Build

The passion project of bringing our adventure rig to life.

Our Travels

Travel posts with tips, boondocking gems and scenery.

Tech Docs

Technical documents with build specs & RV reference material

Cumulative US/CA RV Travel Stops

Current Travel Maps

Since 2018 our exploration has found us exploring National Parks, USFS areas, BLM Boondocking and much more. Every year we log more new discoveries on our MyMaps.

Campsite Gallery

The gallery was built for not only our personal journal of newly discovered boondocking and parking locations but also to share. If we reference a location in social media or a you tube video it’ll most likely be available in our database.

Working On Explorings Camping and Overnight Stays

Popular Technical Posts & Library Downloads

Alternator Battery Charging

Adding a 2nd Alternator Blog Post

Direct Lithium Battery Charging

February 2021

Off Grid Internet

Our Remote Internet Blog Post

Full blog and video on our mobile LTE for much less than Starlink

February 2022

2022 Recap

Best and Worst Moments Blog Post

Our 2022 Recap & Video of all Maximus’ projects and trips

January 2023

Popular Blog Posts

RV Mini-Split A/C vs RV Rooftops

We just published yet another follow-up on RV A/C units! Now, it’s time to pull together all the RV A/C content together in one place / one blog post. No travel details or photos for this week’s WorkingOnExploring because we’re back at the shop, WorkingNotExploring! Staying Cool in a Camper is noisy and inefficient Most…

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