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Retired life where he’s just the driver

Roadtrip 2019

The big question of where are we now and where are we headed usually doesn’t have a simple answer.

RoadTrip 2019

Camping, seeing and doing spots on 2019 trip is a cool interactive map. This trip continued our journey in the Ford F350 + 2000 Lance Camper test bed. We left Southern California in June 2019 for over 3 months and are taking a short break at home base and then we’ll hit the road again before Thanksgiving.

Camping, site seeing, hiking, kayaking places!

Driving route

Was a little whacky for 2019 due to mixing in projects during our travel time. This portion had a couple of loops as we had to return to Colorado and Wyoming August before heading back up to Glacier National Park.

Route through our Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana loops

After Glacier park we continued up into Canada before heading back down home through Washington, Oregon and California.

Route after visiting Glacier National Park through Canada, WA, OR, CA

The last leg Roadtrip 2019 – November-December the Intended Route

Desert landscapes, New Mexico mountains and Texas Beaches

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