Working on Exploring

Retired life where he’s just the driver

About Us

Steve and Cheryl’s Retired Adventures

I knew when I met you, an adventure was going to happen

Walking step by step
We are travel partners
We are life partners
Following a meandering path together
Exploring, learning, experiencing, sharing

Welcome to our traveling life…!

Beach trip = boots not required

A little about us

  • Married on a hot air balloon
  • He’s a talented engineer, builder, outdoorsy kind of man with a list of accomplishments too long to list
  • She’s a software QA professional by trade and a curious techie, gadget hound, family money manager, and travel planner for fun
  • Between us we have 4 grown children all successfully pursueing their choosen careers and building their lives

Mr. Cooper

Cooper, the puggle, is our traveling pup.

His passion is eating carrots.

He does also enjoy chasing anything that moves…cats, raccoons, squirrels, possums and a skunk have all met him. He almost got the raccoon and he did get the skunk…that was not a good night.

Generation 0 of the lil rig…camper shell!
August 2019 kitchen renovation project
Mr Cooper the puggle
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