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Technical Documents

Truck & Camper Build Docs, Drawings & Videos

Maximus’ specific documents and drawings some of which are referenced in a related blog post or video.

System/Plan DocsDescriptionRelated Post / Video
Maximus’ Design PrioritiesThe original design intent for the camper
Camper Working PlansI did just enough drawing to make my parts. The drawing set (left) is many of the individual files. Many are missing dimensions and a few errors. I’m willing to share the CAD file (in 2014 AutoCAD LT .dwg format). I also created a number of separate files for sub-projects. 1: Floor Video
2: Wall Video
3: Test Fit the Floor Video
4: Assemble the Shell Video
5: Cargo Boxes Video
6: Wet Bay Video
7: Interior & Power Video
8: Mini-Split Install Video
9: Storage Box Video
10: Kitchen Video
11: Mounting Video
12: Shakedown Trip Video
13: Exterior Trim Video
14: Refrigerator Video
15: Road Test Video
16: Power System Video
17: Rebuild/Remount Battery Video
24V Alternator Modification for Remote Diodes (APR22)

System Description and Schematic Diagram (MAR19)
Alternator charging of the RV auxiliary battery (in our case, directly charging a 17.5Kwh/24V lithium battery)1: Alternator System Video
2: Alternator Solutions Video
3: Alternator Issues Video
4: External Diode Installation Video
24V External Voltage RegulatorTraspo Voyager 2400 Regulator Manual (as used by Balmar as BRS-2T-24 because Balmar’s manual is better)Modified with cable and 10-turn, 10k precision potentiometer to move VR adjustment to the console. (Picture)

Bypassing the 4G alternator’s internal regulator for use with an external regulator. (Picture with diagram)
‘Ditch the Generator for the Alternator’Article on ‘Truck Camper’ magazine on Maximus’ alternator charging system
‘Big Power in a Small Camper: Going Lithium Cheap’Article on ‘’ magazine on Maximus’ 17.5kWh/24V Nissan Leaf battery system.Initial Battery Configuration Video
Final Battery Configuration Video
‘Future Shock: A BoldVision for RV Power Systems’ (Part 1) Article on ‘Truck Camper Magazine’ on Lance 1130’s electrical power system.
‘Nissan Leaf EV Batteries for Campers & RVs’ (Part 2)Article on ‘Truck Camper Magazine’ on Lance 1130’s battery system.
Maximus’ hydronic heating system plan Monitoring and heating temperature-sensitive systems. 1: Hydronic System Plan Video
2: Hydronic System Installation Video
3: Hydronic System Test Video
4: Hydronic System Update Video
Freeze Protection SystemMonitoring and heating temperature-sensitive systems. FreezingWeather Video
2×2 MiMo Antenna InstallationOur inexpensive ($23/mo), unlimited and effective mobile internet solution.MIMO antenna and MOFI router Video
Antenna Cable DiagramDiagram documenting the cable and connectors used on 2×2 MiMo panel antenna installation
Jeep Tow Brake Diagram &
Explanation of Tow Brake Design
Custom-made air brake system for the Jeep we tow. Includes service and break-away activation.
MiniSplit A/C in an RVMaximizing air conditioning/heating with a variable capacity air conditioner1: Mini-Split Install Video
2: Mini-Split Vs. Rooftop A/C Video
3: Mini-Split Questions Video
4: A/C for 8 hours/day on Solar Video
5: Interior Air Circulation Video
Diagram and rationale for the freshwater system and associated freeze protectionMonitoring and heating temperature-sensitive systems. Water System Video
Maximus’ SpecificationsTable of truck and camper equipment and capacities.

Technical Information/Documents

Alternator Thermal Overload ProtectionAdding a thermal safety switch to shed a B2B or split charge relay connected load if the alternator case exceeds 120C/248F.
2004 Ford Dual Alternator Control StrategyFord document on (some) control methodology on single vs dual alternator installation.
Remy Alternator Diagnostic Procedures Describes the operation of a wide variety of ‘smart alternators’ for use in diagnostics. Helpful in understanding voltage control strategy.
‘Understanding Alternators’In-depth treatise on components and purpose of automotive alternator components.
SAE J56 – Alternator Rating SpecificationSAE J56 – Alternator Rating Specification for establishing an automotive alternator’s ‘rated’ output (superseded but still accurate)
GM Variable Voltage Alternator StrategyEdited GM document describing the equipment and operating modes for variable voltage alternator systems
‘Are you smarter than a smart alternator’Motor Magazine article
‘Breaker Myths’In-depth discussion of breaker operational requirements specifically aimed to dispel inaccurate beliefs about (AC) breaker functioning.
Fuseology’Understanding basic tenents/performance of automotive fuses.
‘(Lead-acid) Battery Sulfation and how to prevent it’From (BU-804b): There is little understanding of how lead-acid batteries become ‘sulfated’, what it is, and how to prevent it or correct it (or more accurately, how you can’t correct it).
6.0l Diesel Engine Failure ChainsThe 6.0l diesel engine has a storied history. If you have one, you want to protect it and yourself from major failures/expenses. This is a graphic story of how the systems fail.
Load Inflation Tables & Tire InfoA Toyo tire document with extensive information discerning information about tires. There are load inflation tables for just about every tire size. Since most tire sizes are built based on motor vehicle specifications, most manufacturers make the same size tire to the same spec so the load inflation tables for Toyo brand tires should be able to be applied generically.

General Info

A growing collection of illustrated, write-ups covering various topics related to the design and build of Maximus, and articles/presentations.

Intermediate Solar Presentation HandoutHandout (reference) for a presentation at the Truck Camper Adventure Rally 20203. Not likely to be useful as a stand-alone educational document but I’m posting it here for whatever benefit you can make of it.
6.0L Reliability ImprovementHandout (detailed) for a presentation at the Truck Camper Adventure Rally 2023
LiFePO4 Battery Construction Handout (reference) for a presentation at Truck Camper Adventure Rally 2022
Alternator Charging Handout (reference) for a presentation at the Truck Camper Rally 2022. PROBLEM: Charging an Auxiliary Battery with a Standard Variable Voltage Alternator.
Modifying a Residential Reverse Osmosis System for RV UseEfficiency improvement for low input pressure. Handling ‘bypass water’.
7.3l Dual Alternator Belt Tension Problem & SolutionDesign problem and workaround for belt slipping problem of 2nd alternator on a 7.3l Powerstroke
Comparison of various A/C Fixed and Variable Systems related to RV use.Understanding the performance differential of fixed capacity air conditioning systems versus variable capacity systems. Identifies affected equipment, & operational considerations. Comparison of 6 specific types of RV and residential A/C systems with comparison table, identifying strengths and weakness.
Air Conditioner Technical DataMy working spreadsheet (~JUN22), compares different styles and types of RV and residential air conditioning equipment, potentially used in RV applications. Relevant equipment data is extracted from public documents with some data (mostly sound and energy consumption) from direct company contact.
Air Conditioner Comparison Spreadsheet (Incomplete)Brochures and specification documents were used to compile the above comparison.
STC-3008 Thermal Control Operating InstructionsDescribes operation and programming of the commodity STC-3008, dual-channel thermal controller, 8 of which are used in Maximus’ controls. These have experienced some infant failures but have generally worked well beyond that.
New Coolant Heater Controller Instructions for HCalory HeaterInstructions developed and written by me that describe the controller operation and programming for a 5kw coolant heater sold by HCalory (possibly other brands) and described as the ‘new’ control/remote version. Updated 29JAN23 with English controller symbols (hard to see in the photo)
Basic RV Electrical DiagramElectrical power schematic showing layout of sources, conversion, control, storage and loads. Includes a page of annotated notes.


We’re glad you located our technical documents. They’ve been great finds by many DIY’ers and we hope they prove valuable to you as well. We appreciate any sharing you can do of our YouTube videos, or Instagram if you find any of the content useful or entertaining. Although we both put a lot of time into the videos and blog, we all know who’s the brain behind all the technology. Steve has a passion for all our projects and our rig. He also has a great passion to share his knowledge and help others. He has helped numerous folks implement or even trouble-shoot various systems.

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