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Technical Documents

Truck & Camper Docs & Drawings

Maximus’ specific documents and drawings some of which are referenced in a related blog post or video.

24V Alternator Charging SystemWiring Diagram of the 24V 2nd Alternator for our lithium charging system.How Steve Configured the 2nd Alternator to not overheat when charging our Lithium Battery Bank
Hydronic System ConceptOverview of intent, coolant, and electrical circuits of the hydronic heating system
Freeze Protection SystemSchematic of components and controls protecting fresh/gray water and battery from freezing. (Coming mid JAN23)

Technical / Mod Blog Posts

2×2 MiMo Antenna InstallationPost (with Video) describing our improved mobile internet solution and test results with the new 2×2 MiMo Panel Antenna. Includes HW parts list and costs.How We Raised Our Internet Performance “Literally”
Antenna Cable DiagramDiagram documenting the cable and connectors used on 2×2 MiMo Panel Antenna
Alternator Thermal Overload ProtectionAdd a thermal switch to the alternator case to shut off a DC-DC charger if the alternator exceeds 120C/224F.(Coming)
2004 Ford Alternator Control StrategyFord document on (some) control methodology on single vs dual alternator installation.

General Info

A growing collection of illustrated, write-ups covering various topics related to the design and build of Maximus, and articles/presentations.

LiFePO4 Battery Construction (Handout)Presentation at Truck Camper Adventure Rally 2022 (this is a class outline and not self-explanatory)
Alternator Charging (Handout)Presentation at Truck Camper Adventure Rally 2022 (this is a class outline and not self-explanatory). Since the live presentation, we create a 2 part video series covering all the details!
Alternator Charging Explained | Part 1
Alternator Charging | Solutions | Part 2
RV Reverse Osmosis SystemAdapting a residential RO system for use in an RV
7.3l Dual Alternator Belt Tension Problem & SolutionDesign problem and workaround for belt slipping problem of 2nd alternator on a 7.3l Powerstroke
RV A/C Comparison Text and TableDescriptive analysis of 6 RV ‘possible’ air conditioners and comparison table
Air Conditioner Technical DataBrochures and specification documents used to compile the above comparison.
Air Conditioner Comparison Spreadsheet (Incomplete)Excel spreadsheet used to compare 12 different types/models of air conditioners that can be used in RV’s. Also calculates ‘comparative data’ and shows comparisons in graphs. Feel free to download and add your own unit comparisons but beware of the links to equations and graphs or you may end up with inaccurate results.
STC-3008 Thermal Control Operating InstructionsDescribes operation and programming of the 12V, STC-3008, dual-channel thermal controller, 8 of which are used in Maximus’ controls.
New Coolant Heater Controller Instructions for HCalory HeaterInstructions developed and written by me that describe the controller operation and programming for a 5kw coolant heater sold by HCalory (possibly other brands) and described as the ‘new’ control/remote version. Updated 29JAN23 with English controller symbols
Maximus’ SpecificationsTable of truck and camper equipment and capacities.


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