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Our Ford & Maximus Camper

The new Rig is operational! February 2021 it rolled out of the shop for it’s shake down trip. The build playlist is on our YouTube channel @WorkingOnExploring. The goal was to build a better off road flat bed camper encompassing all the functions we need yet giving us a more nimble rig to traverse backroads; February 2021 was the first time Maximus was road capable. From our first shakedown 2 day trail run and through all our travels so far, we feel confident the design has met the priorities for this build.

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How we started out!

We have a 2004 Ford F350 and started off with a trip out to Colorado using a camper shell. Based on that experience we knew we’d like to continue with the truck but would prefer a camper that we felt we could live in a few months at a time and across seasons. That meant adding features such as shower, toilet, easier cooking and food refrigeration then you can do with a shell.

Truck Camper rev0 = shell only

That moved us to pick up an older 2000 Lance 1130 slide-in camper. The purpose was to test a few things and see if we really wanted to pursue living in a truck camper at least part of the year. The items tested how well the truck worked with the camper, how to architect and install the high capacity leaf battery power system, and US. We had to be confident that we’d do well in a small space together.

Truck camper1 – 2000 Lance 1130

Here’s some additional rig details on the Ford F350 that provides background into choosing to with this this truck as Steve continues on his design and build of camper2

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