The Adventure Rig, our DIY flatbed truck camper is now ready to arrive after dark! Boondocking is 99% of our off grid living and exploring but as the days shorten, it is tougher to always arrive and find a camp spot before dark.

We opted for short range flood lighting which works for our truck camper lifestyle. Total cost for the off road light doesn’t break our budget and we’ve improved our safety and can expand our driving beyond sunset if needed.

Headlamps only vs Headlamps+Flood Lights

NiLight Parts (no affiliation)

Ground / Under Chassis Lighting


The cost for these parts was not extravagant. It’s a reasonable expense and provide peace of mind when venturing off pavement as dark descends. The total for just the off road and ground lights is $186. We recently had to replace our front headlamps with newer lights at a cost of $260. So our grand total light upgrade is $446.

  • Off Road Driving/Flood Light bars = $156
  • Night Ground Lights = $30
  • Front Headlamps = $260

Reference Help

Still researching what kind of lights and why you may or may not need a specific type? Check out this helpful reference from KC Hilites.


Steve speaks to why this lighting configuration works for the truck camper which is quite a bit different than a jeep or overlanding rig. It meets our needs and in the brief time we’ve had them on, they are performing just as we envisioned.

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