Week 1: 6/26-7/6

Grand Junction, CO

The first leg out was really a delivery run of kitchen cabinets stacked everywhere from California to Grand Junction. Once we were there we took the opportunity to play with a couple kayak outings and a hike. Then we set out to Wyoming and spend a few days with Mike, Steve’s older brother.


Spent a few days at Mike’s before heading out into Idaho. These Bison were in Evanston, WY at Bear River state Park

Cooper’s Doe

He’s very intent on making sure it doesn’t need to be chased!

My Cooper has caught a skunk (took a miserable 2 months to clean that stink up), tackled a raccoon out of a tree, made a cow nervous enough to hide, had a possum snarl at him, chased many cats and squirrels and loves seeking lizards. A deer is a new beast and he really wants to see if she’ll bolt.