Launching from camp or not was the question of the evening as we planned on where and how we were going to kayak this vast reservoir. The launching from camp plan sounded idyllic until we realized it was quite a distance across the lake.  The boss’s map scrutiny was spot on and we decided to drive to a closer boat launch to save at least half the paddling distance for this water adventure. Antelope flats boat ramp was about 15 minute drive. There’s not only a paid campground here but a nice day use area with shade and picnic tables if you’re just passing through.

Antelope Flats boat ramp

I do enjoy floating in lakes even when there’s an hour of paddling involved as long as there are snack breaks!  Made it across to one of the smaller canyon areas for an enjoyable morning paddle session. 

This place is huge

View from Antelope Flats area back towards Jug Hollow Road and campsite

Spotted an Osprey nest next to the boat ramp. If you zoom in on picture one you can spy a youngster hanging out.

Red Rock Canyon will be the kayak destination on a future return trip.  We wandered over to the canyon overlook in search of, well, scenic red rocks.  I’m sure views from the water would be wonderfully enticing and look forward to kayaking there in a future trip.

Red Canyon at the Flaming Gorge Reservoir