The Rig’s working list seems never ending

For any type of road travel there are a set of chores before leaving, on the road, and after the trip. For someone still proving out the rig and designing its replacement there’s always so much more to accomplish beyond laundry, washing, engine maintenance and tank clean outs. The intro picture is of our Jeep tow bar we used for weeks having extreme worn down edges as it was dragged by it’s previous owner.

Below the rig work list and the status:

There’s a handful of new adds including a trailer brake for the Jeep tow. Fortunately, much of the list was maintenance of the vehicles and fixing/improving a variety of items; all part of maintaining the rig. It sometimes seems never ending. Definitely a budget breaker if you’re not completely in tune with your rigs needs and have a desire to continuously evolve the setup and experiences.

Towing brake system

We’ve actually done ok with towing the jeep behind us 90% of the time. It’s the other 10% that can be problematic. Problems such as navigating the downhill side of a mountain and the jeep pushed us sideways through a turn. That reprioritized towing brake system installation.

Initial portion of the installation started late AM


That’s a negative, Jeep side is done. It’s dark and late and system is not 100% completed nor tested. Something he’ll wrap up over the next few days I’m sure.

New head unit navigation

One brand new techie project included setting up a Android Auto head unit based on a Raspberry pi 4 and open auto. I’m definitely not a programmer and know only a small amount of linux. I was able to slowly dive into the linux basics needed and put this mini computer and touchscreen display together.

After 15k miles and numerous navigation mishaps, I was leveraging Google maps more and more; our head unit running Navit maps seemed only accurate for main highway driving. We decided to look at how to use Google maps in the truck on a bigger screen. We’re going to beta test the setup thoughout this trip before deciding to stick with it or move to a different solution.

Let’s get going…

What’s taking so long????

Tucker is tired of being home bound…he either sits around or gets enslaved into manual labor projects such as our new courtyard. He’s happiest just being on the road…as is his crew.