Building is progressing! As the walls were being built, we took the opportunity to delve into the details of how this construction method comes together. The construction will greatly improve not only the insulation compared to our current Lance camper, but also provide a nice rigid box that’ll travel well in 4WD territory. Building the floor and walls as torsion boxes will provide a level of rigidity to compensate for the twisting truck frame without stressing the camper as we navigate our tiny house on wheels off road.

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Materials List

The below is a list of materials used for this portion of the construction. As the build progresses, I’ll eventually add a component cost and weight estimate.

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What’s next

The roof will be completed which will enable a partial assembly of the floor + 2 side walls + roof. There is also a need to do a fit test of the floor onto the truck chassis; that’ll mean temporarily removing the Ford’s truck bed. The mounting material has been purchased to make that happen. Our goal for the next video is to tackle one of these two tasks. Both of which will be interesting!