Setting off for the summer portion of road trip 2020 included starting off not too far from home base. The Alabama Hills Recreation Area was a discovery for us just last fall; unfortunately, we only were able to stay overnight on that trip. This trip, we planned for 3 nights and 2 full days in the area as our Summer 2020 road trip kick off. Loosely, our route looks like the below:

Alabama Hills is just west of Lone Pine, CA and if you’ve never been there for one night or 14, it’s a worthy spot to visit. There is plenty of room for all types of rigs to hang out amongst the huge boulder landscape under Mt. Whitney peaks.

Here’s our October 2019 post with few pictures of our spot last fall. Such amazing boulders to tuck into and climb.

Click on post link to view our October 2019 Visit to Alabama Hills

We were definitely game to camp amongst the boulders and suffer the limited cell service again. That is until I checked our weekly temperatures. Mid to high 90s had me looking nearby for something shadier or cooler.

Hogback Road which dissects USFS and LA DWP land rewarded us with enough elevation to keep us in the mid 80s to high 70s for our stay! Where is this wonderful boondocking area? I almost hesitate to say, but I did update our campsite gallery with the GPS coordinates and other information; note that there are at least 3 spurs off of Hogback Creek that let you camp next to or near the creek and don’t require high clearance. To get to the higher elevation location, 4WD or high clearance is officially needed (In our trip, a 2WD SUV would be capable of driving the road; there’s a few rocky areas but not difficult).

Hogback Road Campsite

This is definitely a new favorite Here’s a few pictures or our site and area. The first two are our first evening after getting settled. The morning sunrise hitting the mountain behind us has is very grand.

A few take aways of this specific site are:

  • We had good cell reception with 2-3 bars on Verizon, T-Mobile and Google fi
  • 10° cooler and about 2000′ elevation gain from the Lone Pine area
  • Mostly clean and you can tell it is lightly used
  • Remote and isolated – don’t camp there if you don’t like to really get away from everyone
  • Awesome running creek background sounds
  • Along the creek edge it is extremely sandy – you can and will get stuck slipping into it
  • Flies were really annoying and liked to bite; we have a screen room we used and it worked well to let us sit outside and enjoy the view and climate
  • We definitely put this in one of our top sites

Here’s a google earth view of the area with the GPS coordinates (36.37185, -118.13505) as our site.

Following Google maps, we came to the campsite location via Moffat Ranch Road. Easy gravel road until you get towards the end and it can be bumpy. Signs state 4WD or high clearance is required. If approaching from the south, it’s easier to head west on Whitney Portal road to Hogback road rather than exit on Moffat Ranch Road.

Campsite Video and Alabama Hills site seeing

Where to next?

We’ll be continuing the trek up north to Washington. We will be primarily staying with friends for the majority of remaining drive. We’ll work in some hiking somewhere and do a follow-up post as we journey northward.

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