Leaving Washington

Destination Idaho was the goal following our family time in Washington so we set out eastward. The desire was to revisit a few of our favorite Idaho discoveries from last summer and travel along a new path seeing new parts of the state.

We ended up taking several days to cross into Idaho! Heading nearly directly east from the Seattle area we drove along Washington’s Highway 2. Highway 2 travels along the Wenatchee River and up over Stevens pass.

We decided on a 2 hour drive which would land us in Leavenworth, WA. Leavenworth reminded me of California’s Solvang but even prettier with the towering mountain backdrop. We spent the following morning walking along the river trail after enjoying an amazing scone from the Gingerbread bakery.

The next stop over was in a very small town called Nine Miles Falls. Like our overnight in Leavenworth, we were fortunate enough to stay at a fellow Boondocker Welcome’s host property. Our hosts had a large place along the Spokane River; being a truck camper we had no problem going down a steep drive and parking right on the water front! Turns out we were the first rig capable to get down to their rivers edge parking spot. It was quite amazing to be able to enjoy this spot right on the water.

Parked on Spokane River for 2 nights
Nine Mile Falls dam is one of several dams along the Spokane River providing flood control
One of 2 fawns we came upon near the dam

Mini trip to Northport, WA

Our Last outing in Washington was a day trip along the Columbia River to Northport, WA which is just before the Canadian border.

Columbia River just south of Northport, WA

Crossing into Idaho

Crossing into Idaho was spectacular to see the least. We’d been traveling on Highway 95 through beautiful, rolling hills of wheat fields. Soon after we passed Genesee, WA we were at the mesa edge and looking down 1000’ at this grand, colorful valley and across to another mesa of fields.

Descending to Lewiston, ID and then back up the other side took us to a Harvest Host, Lindsay Creek Winery to park for the night. We couldn’t have asked for better accommodations and company. We met the owners and their Great Dane, Dinonysis, the Greek god of wine. It was an enjoyable, hilltop view for our stay.

This is where we learned we were in the “Banana Belt.”

Where to next?

After our overnigher at Lindsay Creek Winery, we headed east towards Dworkshak Reservoir. Being the holiday weekend, we weren’t sure how difficult it would be to get into a campground but we were curious to see the area. It would also be our first opportunity this summer to kayak.

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