We arrived in Montana late July with a planned backpacking trip in mind. Before trekking out for the big hike, we did a warm up with a nice day hike. Although there’s elevation gain, the going up was gradual and easy. There were a couple easy, small water crossings. The trail head is next to East Rosebud Lake; it is considered one of the most scenic drainages and it did not disappoint! There is also a USFS campground near East Rosebud Lake but most of the property around the lake is private property.

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Once you start climbing there are both a water fall and a beautiful valley view
Colorful blooms out in force
Elk Lake

As the trail progresses up, the coloful blooms frame your path and then you start heading into tree cover. The end of the trail put you at Elk Lake. When you first exit the trees you are actually standing on a small beach. In the picture above, that beach is on the opposite shore from where Steve is sitting. There were a few folks hanging on the beach so we trekked another 10 minutes to the end of the lake and grabbed a boulder to hang out on.

It was a long drive to get to this trail head but very much worth it for either a few hours or an all day excursion. There are plenty of stopping spots where you can enjoy a water break or even lunch.

Rest stop on the way out

Check out the short video clip of the hike which is posted on instagram.

Where to next?

Well, we’re staying put for a bit and will be hitting the trail for 5 days / 4 nights in a couple more days. Mr. Cooper is going to a boarding place for the duration and I’m sure he’ll be spoiled like crazy.

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