Enjoying offseason OHV areas when they’re less likely to be busy and noisy (except on the weekends) and the temperatures are above freezing, is a nice way to find solitude. We found an area just west off the I-84 in Oregon. We only needed one night which also made this convenient as our camping spot was only 15 minutes off the highway.

The Details

  • GPS: 45.34708, -118.31651
  • Easy to locate: Yes
  • Public Land: Yes, USFS
  • Cell: Not right at this location but potential calls and texts just a short walk to the open meadow
  • Crowded: not during our stay which was technically offseason. Although off season there were several groups camping about the main road and a handful of trucks/trailers at the trail head.
  • Clean: mostly clean
  • Would we stay here again: Yes

What we liked and didn’t like

Since this was offseason, finding quiet and space was very easy. Once summer rolls around, I’m not so sure I’d like it here.

It was mostly clean especially where we camped. However, there was evidence of human toilet hiding near by; that’s the most disgusting type of trash we keep running into. Folks need to take it with them!!! Pack it in, Pack it out.

We did enjoy running the jeep around on more narrow and muddy trails during our stay. That allowed us to locate a few additional camp locations that I’d return to even with the camper.

Open area & water filled pit offer potential camping at the top of a knob

What’s Next

We are still making our way from Washington and landing in Idaho. While in Idaho, Cheryl is jumping on a plane for the first time in over a year (Thank you CoVid 19) and heading to Arkansas. They’ll be a follow-up post with a video coming soon too. That’ll include our full trip plus more of our jeep outing, campsite drone footage, and another campsite review of the Burnt River Canyon.

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