Photo Challenge

Our weekly photo challenge kicks off with “Rear-View” as the theme. That is appropriate for starting off the new year. What do you see when your looking behind you. You see where you’ve been, your mis-steps and accomplishments.

Looking Back

We accomplished a lot in 2021. Starting with the new camper build getting launched out of the shop. Breaking in the new custom expedition rig was fun and we enthusiastically discovered new trail areas and a few remote camping areas to explore.

To working on our future build lot in Idaho. We spent probably 2 months over 4 trips back to the lot working on irrigation, clearing, and maintenance. Every return visit, reinforcing the thought that we are ready to make this big move happen. It definitely was not fun spending more than 2 weeks clearing a very over grown lot in Idaho. Nothing like leaving it in May setup with proper irrigation for the trees to returning in July to a jungle. Two solid weeks of hand pulling weeds is not a fun time. We’re happy to see that in the rear-view mirror!

Tired but Happy

Intermingled with the road tripping and our lot maintenance, we spent time with family and friends. I greatly appreciate that we have the time and can make these various trips. We also met new friends and reconnected with old friends throughout the year.

A fun way for us to look back at the travels is an interactive map that I use on my blog. Here’s 2021’s map.

Our WHERE page gets refreshed a couple times a year showcasing where we’ve been and what we might be getting into next. But my favorite part about that page is the using google My Maps to share our traveling points of interest throughout the year.

Looking Forward

Now with 2022 already here, it’s definitely time to start thinking of our traveling plans for the coming year (and get that WHERE page refreshed). Fortunately, our travels will most likely be easy and more familiar. Unfortunately, that also means less new discoveries to be had, but I’m sure we’ll find new adventures throughout the coming year.

There are so many opportunities to discover yourself, your potential, your loves, your abilities, etc. However opportunities are found when looking forward not backward (which would be regrets). My clever sister, Shelly, said the below quote to me and it’s stuck with me ever since.

“A windshield is much large than the rearview mirror.”

–My Sister, Shelly

So what is the plan for 2022?

Heck if I know just yet! Although I do know we hope to start the new home build and we’ll weave in our road tripping throughout the year. Right now, starting our build is just a hope. We need to put quite a bit of action into a plan and just see where it gets us.

Sometimes it seems non-stop and then we need to head off somewhere and disconnect. We did that several times in the camper throughout 2021. The grand finale was to finally get away to Mexico for some much needed (by Cheryl) warm beach time.

About the Photo Challenge

A weekly themed photo challenge hosted by Terri. Check out her Blog and come back and visit for more SundayStills and traveling posts!

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