We make memories every day and every moment.

Memories are funny things.

They come and go.

Fortunately for me, there’s one person who has been a constant in my life and throughout my memories.

My Sister

Before I dove into to the photo archive, I was taking a different direction with this post. Then the memories came scrolling by. Within the content was one person.

My memory making buddy is my sister. We haven’t lived near each other since high school yet she’s been part of every milestone, good and bad. We’re business partners and travel buddies.

How appropriate that it’s our birthday month. We’re both Pisces and are celebrating our birthdays. So with that said, here’s so my oldest and dearest friend and ally in life.

Travel Buddy

She’s a good travel buddy too! Neither of us traveled much in our young adult lives but we found it a great way to get together. Rather than travel to each other’s home areas, we started planning trips together. Once we started it never stopped.

Just recently, we both headed to Cabo San Lucas along the our significant others. Now, if only I can get her into a van or camper, she can join me on the road too!

Last but not least. The family favorite photos of all time is…

No one know what inspired her to get all made up and find a couple balloons, but we still laugh about this one.

Happy Birthday Month to my oldest ally, friend, confidant and travel bud.

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