Sometimes we look forward to taking a break from driving and exploring. More likely than not, we just know there’s so much work to accomplish that we need to be at our base camp and shop. That was last October 2021. We knew it was time to head back and get busy. Now, we’re about 3 weeks away from hitting the road again.

This is when a little tingle starts up. That feeling of excitement slowly starts brewing as I think of getting out of dodge!

Our only real Maximus travel this year was to the Truck Camper Rally in Quartzite, AZ, then onto Phoenix area and a return via Parker, AZ area. It was a short 2 week escape. We only stayed a night in Parker and I’m contemplating a route that will bring us back to the Parker area. Lots of research still needs to happen before I finalize that decision. I need to determine we have camping/parking options and if the weather be acceptable that time of year.


There’s one last major project to complete and several small ones before we’ll consider ourselves ready to go. To slap ourselves on the back, I compiled a short video this week showing our current status with our rig. Technically it was back slapping Steve as nearly everything was his project. Lots of work was done that wasn’t in a post or a video or even an Instagram post. Steve has been working non-stop until just this past week. He took a break from us to help work on the youngest’s house in Austin, TX. I supposed you can say the break was a travel day!

The List

  1. Lance repairs (replaced rotted wood on floor and in nose of the old camper)
  2. New F350 side mirrors
  3. Rebuilt the truck console, controls and monitors
  4. MaxxFan reverse switch modification
  5. Finished the duck board flooring
  6. Relocated the TV DC to DC converter on/off switch
  7. Relocated the dual alternator’s diode bridge to improve cooling when charging
  8. Replace the solar panels
  9. Rebuilt the back pivot mount after discovering it was broken
  10. Mounted his new recovery traction boards
  11. Eliminated  pee anxiety by connecting our composting toilet liquid to the gray tank
  12. Replaced the BMS with a newer version
  13. Installed additional towel / hanging rods
  14. Installed a MiMo antenna mount
  15. Created 2 corner plant hangers for Chester and a friend

Yes, my plant has a name. He’s the lone survivor of a very large version that we killed when I moved into the current SHouse (that’s short for Shop/House). For some reason, it looked like a Chester and the name stuck. Now Baby Chester travels in Maximus. With no permanent, out of the way place to live out of direct sun, I always had to move the pot around. Now he’ll be safe up in his little corner. Since there’s two corners, my pathos will help balance the greenery in the rig.