Our photo challenge theme is numbers and there are so many ways to tackle this unique theme. Reviewing the archive for photos with numbers a couple themes came together. Mountain elevations and waterfalls! These types of travel & hiking finds are memories I savor and I hope you enjoy.

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Getting High

Here’s a couple of my 10Ks. Fortunately, I wasn’t running a 10K and I drove up most of the way to the 10K elevation mark to enjoy the area and views.

Beartooth Pass in Montana

California’s Ancient Bristlecone Forest

This trip is memorable for a couple of reasons. It was a weeklong roadtrip with a girlfriend and we both got to experience new areas and our own girl adventures. One of them was a forest area containing 4,000 year old trees. You can hike to the oldest of the old trees, the Methuselah. Although you can hike through the Methuselah Grove in the Inyo National Forest, you won’t be able to identify the actual oldest tree. It remains unmarked to protect it from vandals.

We, unfortunately the May snowfall level kept us from hiking too far that day. That hike will need to await a future visit.

Grand Falls

I don’t know about you, but I’m always game to visit a waterfall. Big or small, they are always grand to me. Hearing the rushing water falling to the ground is like a sedative. Sometimes it is a mild volume and other times it seems to shake the ground. Both of these waterfalls were noteworthy for their height.

Multnohma Falls – Columbia River Gorge in Oregon

Takakkaw Falls in Canada


Old bridges are also fun to come across, unless it means you get stuck and can’t get around. Be careful to read the signs. We’re big and heavy when traveling in the truck camper and our navigation doesn’t alert us to these kind of hazards. So far we’ve either been pre-warned or just lucky enough to not have any of them be a reason to turn around.

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