Summer Solstice and longest day of sunlight is 6/21 and this week’s photo theme. For me that typically brings to mind long and slow sunsets.

Long Evening Sunlight

Growing up in the SW part of the United States, having light until nearly 10PM is still very unusual for me. Yet here we are, not far from the Montana border and it’s still light enough to walk or enjoy the evening between 7pm til after 9PM.

Progression of our Sunset view from the Bridger-Teton National Forest taken 6/18/2022 (note: times are approximate). The long slow descent and evening glow well passed dinner, seems to energize us. It’s hard to plan on turning in when there’s still an option for activity.

Below was from last week on a chilly and cloudy morning. I’m definitely looking forward to not having to run the heater before hopping out of the cooled sheets and make a cup of coffee. However, this was a morning I was glad to don a jacket and shoes and plant a camera outside. Although more pink in the clouds never surfaced, this time lapse was fun to watch the growing light as the morning clouds shifted under the rising sun. The time lapse started shortly after 5AM which puts this image mid way through the morning twilight and full sunrise.

Cloudy Morning Sun Kissed Rainclouds

Colorful Wildflowers

With the long days of summer, we also embrace bright colors. I recently had a chance to chase a few wildflowers as they’re called in the forests; however, at home they’re simply weeds. I love stumbling into forest meadows sprinkled with colorful blooms.

In between rain storms the daisies turning into our campsite, just seem to keep exploding.

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