Plunging into trouble comes to mind as I consider our photo theme this week. Our photo theme is simply “Plunge” which can be a mental plunge or jumping into a new adventure or simply a plunge into water. As a pisces in her 50’s I can say, I have been plunging into water all my life. I am a water girl.


I’ve graduated from just pools and hot tubs to ocean snorkeling and have even successfully dove off of Cozemel.

Ready for snorkeling in Cabo MX

Adventurous Plunges

Some kids are meant to be adventurous and curious. Steve was that kid. I was not that kid. It took me forever to lose those bicycle training wheels.

However, something happened as I neared my 50s; I doubt I’m any braver, but somewhere along the way a more adventurous me blossomed. Although the process started before Steve entered my life, it has now definitely sped up with him by my side.

The First Adventure

Deciding I needed a challenge, I enlisted a friend to take me on my first backpacking trip. We trained together so I could get conditioned, we practiced with packs for many miles, then we headed out to The Narrows in Zion National Park.

Plunge Zion Utah backpacking

A Special Birthday Challenge

For my 50th birthday I did a solo drive from Southern California to Napa. In Napa, friends joined me to check off the Napa wine area bucket list item. The way home I drove the winding CA HWY 1.

Bixby Bridge on 50th B-day Solo Coast Drive

It had been many years since I last was on this route and as a passenger, I was nearly ill. This time, I enjoyed the drive even if I was slightly white knuckled here and there.

To Labor is to be Strong

Back in February 2022, I became brave enough to re-roof a rental house of ours. Just a couple trips up and down that ladder onto the roof before I was convinced I wasn’t going to fall off. Here’s also a short video on Instagram if you have access.

I’m glad I’m no longer that unadventurous kid. Diving into something unknown has opened up my experiences giving my future many more possible plunges! We maybe older but we’re definitely not standing still.

Too Old to Learn?

NEVER! Being technical I have a knack for digesting unfamiliar technical areas and being able to learn something new that I can apply to a project. Sometimes it takes more time than expected but I can typically get to the end result.

I plunged into blogging in 2019 as a way to document our travels and share my pictures.

I plunged into video editing in 2020 as a way to share Steve’s design and build of our current camper on our F350.

I plunged into #SundayStills in 2021 with a goal to put more time into photography.

Does Plunging have to be Adventurous?

Yosemite NP

We really don’t need to plunge right in, be spontaneous or adventurous. Maybe it’s just a small break in a busy day and we hearing a whisper reporting all is well so yes, it’s ok to take a break or just enjoy the quiet.

Then again, maybe this is really a plunge? Isn’t the quiet time when you plunge into your book, your writing, your exercise, your cooking, your spa time, your meditations? All of those and more reward us with a deeper sense of calm and self.

Go ahead and take the plunge into your quiet time.

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