Grand Tetons

Can’t help but mention that on this day, our frosting matches the Grand Tetons! 😄

Rained out hike plans yields cool moose sighting

On day one, I had set our sights on a hike; the gloomy weather had other plans. Spent the day driving jeep throughout the park.

This view was from Signal Mountain.

As we approached Jenny Lake area and it was clear the hike was postponed, you can’t help but still see the beauty even through the gloom.

Jenny Lake

We proceeded down to Moose Wilson road. My only expectation is it’s dirt and we’d avoid a bunch of tourists. That was true! Wildlife appreciated the lighter human traffic and we were able to get out and observe a younger male moose nosh his way through lunch along the river bank. Later we caught site of a few elk further back in the trees.

Moose along Moose Wilson road

Elk hiding in the woods along Moose Wilson road

Kayak Outing

We did reconisance for boat launches and settled on a drop in and take out point for the kayak. We were both pretty excited that you could launch an inspected water craft on the Snake River within the park.

The driver also pumps up the kayak
Ready to Launch at Jackson Lake Dam
Oxbow … Very still Waters

Wildlife sightings were aplenty in the first portion of the journey. Many Canadian geese and their babies to watch.

A vulture found its prize, Mr. Beaver; an unexpected sight.

The vulture and the beaver

A few bald eagle “yougsters” hanging out were spotted. They were looking for a good catch to be had. A park ranger mentioned the bald eagle nests were growing this year and there were quite a few younger birds in the area.

Grand Tetons viewed from the 🛶


The Bridger-Teton forest offers plenty of forest road camping options. We made a very helpful ranger office stop to confirm if the options I had identified we’re good. The ranger not only provided great insight but also easy directions to identify the turn offs. Evidently their forest road signs get swiped.

We turned off on FR30310. There’s a few areas that host more company than we were interested in so we ventured further down the road. Sometimes pressing on is necessary. We discovered our own little meadow and quickly settled into for the duration.

Where to Next?

Plan is to head back into Grand Junction for a major project…but I see there’s a large reservoir on the way!