January 2021 finds us in overdrive mode. We have a deadline to be on the road in “a” camper on February 11. Both of us would really like it to be the new build. We’d love to use the weekend trip to Quartzite and Truck Camper Adventure’s annual rally as our shake down trip.

Even then the camper won’t be done, but it’ll be livable for a weekend! Unfortunately, on top of our windows arriving the 1st week of February, it sounds like the refrigerator may or may not make it. Regardless, we will forge forward assuming Steve can pull this off. We may have at least another week before making the final call to start the power migration or not. He needs to migrate the current battery system, solar panels, inverters into the new camper before we would need to leave. Migration means decommissioning the Lance camper and we’ll need one or the other.

Here’s a post on the leaf battery setup on the current camper:

The Lance Camper current battery bank!

What a Leaf battery looks like in a truck camper

We started this blog to document our travels; travels that take us almost anywhere in our truck camper. Many times that means we’re off grid and to be off grid means storing power. Many folks talk about how much solar they have which sounds good but if you don’t also have the right battery storage […]

Episode 8 Video

There is a lot going on and this video is 1 of a 3 coming together. I hope to get our storage, kitchen and bath videos ready and posted by the end of the month!

What’s next?

Technically the kitchen and main storage area is already completed and will be in the upcoming videos. The dinette seating is being worked on as we speak. And, after finishing up some additional wiring, Steve will be tackling the duck board flooring.

If you’re interested in RV’ing and especially a Truck Camper setup, Truck Camper Adventure is a great resource. Check them out at https://www.truckcamperadventure.com/

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