We are still in that overdrive mode I mentioned last week. Our windows are arriving earlier than we expected; they may even be here today. Once those are installed, the outside is complete. The inside is nearly done to a MVP state. MVP state? Huh? What’s that?

In my career, MVP means the minimal viable product. The product owners had to define the bare minimum version of the product that could be released to the market, which of course is always a subset of the initial planned and designed sold to the business. So, yes, we’re at that point. Maybe we’ll call it MVC; “C” for Camper. We’ve run out of time and the minimal viable camper needs can be met in less than 2 weeks but it’ll not be completely done! But then nothing you create is ever really done, is it?

However, it’ll be livable for a weekend! This week’s post we’re sharing everything storage. The abundant storage achieved is at least 100% more than we have in the old Lance camper. Much of that is attributed to being a flatbed design, but there’s also an element of just getting creative with tiny space.

Episode 9 Video

As I mentioned last week, we’ve had a lot of activity this month. More than would fit into 1 video. This is now video 2 of 3 of what’s already been completed. We covered heater, screens and air circulation in ep: 8 and now we’ll cover the inside and outside storage built into the camper.

What’s next?

Technically the kitchen and bath/toilet closet is already completed and will be in the upcoming videos. In addition, the sofa seating is nearly completed, the flooring is started, and the outside lighting and wiring is completed. Next Steve will be installing windows and quickly begin the integration work. Integrating onto the Ford F350, requires tackling a few items such as removing the truck bed, rerouting the exhaust pipe and installing the gray tank. Only then can we load the camper onto the truck.

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