The weeks keep flying by. Late nights, groggy mornings and the days are a blur. I still crash before midnight, but you know who is burning the midnight oil. The kitchen is all installed in this video, with the exception of our refrigerator. Between vague status reports and no phone calls from the shipping company, we weren’t quite sure where the refrigerator was. Steve tracked it down last Monday and they delivered it Tuesday. It’s plugged in at the moment but he’ll load it once the camper is actually loaded on the truck. Not many RVs can support a 120V apartment size refrigerator, let along a truck camper; I’m excited to have this as an addition.

Hope you like the counter top. What isn’t in the video is the varnish incident. The finish ended up bubbling, had to be stripped, sanded and revarnished. The dinette table also had the same failure. Unfortunately, the table still needs to be redone and won’t be ready for the shake down trip.

Getting closer to making it livable even if it is incomplete!

Episode 10 Video

Tiny kitchen but has everything we need.

What’s next?

The sofa seating is now completed along with a few other items. Now, the focus has moved onto the truck work. The truck bed came off yesterday; Steve got the exhaust pipe rerouted quickly. He spent the day on installing the gray tank and the space tire. Friday, the loading of this big blue camper onto the truck. Our next video should be a fun one create.

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