As I began writing a short introduction to our recent shakedown trip, I also realize I never created a post with our episode 11 video. So I’ll be sending out two posts back to back! Less than a week before our shakedown trip, the camper was mounted onto the F350. It was quite the process. I hope you enjoy watching.

Once the truck bed was removed, there were several key work items that needed to be done to support integrating the new camper onto the chassis. Some were done before we loaded the camper and others were done after it was loaded on the chassis:

  • Reroute the fuel line; with no truck bed, the fuel intake is going to be located next to the driver side cargo box
  • Rerouted the exhaust to make room for the gray tank
  • Install the 15 gallon gray tank
  • Remove our current back seat storage cabinet and mount the new fresh water tanks
  • Install the cargo bays
  • Hook up the plumbing between tanks, camper and wet bay
  • Migrate the current Lithium power system to the new camper

Episode 11 Video

Although we have other content on the build to share, this was such a huge milestone and worthy of a celebration or we hoped we’d be celebrating! Once the truck bed was removed, we’d have no camper, if we fail to get the integration work in place. We had a commitment to attend the Truck Camper Adventure Rally in Quartzsite and neither of us wanted to throw in the towel. Steve had a Lithium Battery talk to present and so we forged forward.

What’s next?

A few more long nights so we can make our deadline to hit the road. We were both committed to pulling it off and Steve knew he’d catch up on sleep once we left home. Spoiler…yes, there were a couple naps over the following weekend.

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