As I write this short introduction to our recent shakedown trip, I realize I never created a post with our episode 11 video. You’ll have double the fun going through both.

Episode 12 Video

We didn’t just drive it around the block but we took it on a real shakedown trip! We had a few oopsies, but in general everything worked as expected. This is a longer video and it covers a full interior tour. We had many smaller pieces come together the last 2 weeks that it was time to just show off the completed inside. I also review our trip issues as I go through a full interior tour of the new rig.

What’s next?

We headed home after our 6 day excursion and the the last 2 days including plenty of bumping and wobbling on the trail. Steve came home with a much larger work list that has kept growing. On top of the items we left undone (such as the shower), external stairs and a cooper ramp, there’s a water system to fix and a host of other smaller items to get in place. In addition, we don’t want to leave home without getting the vehicle maintenance completed. Can’t wait to plan for our longer trip and hit the road in the new rig.

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