Testing the New Rig on a 4WD Historic Stagecoach Route

The Bradshaw is an old stagecoach route mapped to bring gold diggers to a new gold strike. Maybe we’ll find some gold? No. But we did find a deep blue, pink, purple 180 degree sunset from our overnight camping spot.

We’re at nearly 3 weeks home and Steve is still grinding away at his rig projects before we can set out for a longer trip. I decided to build a video of our trail run and the real shakedown portion of our maiden voyage. It was a good way for us to really judge the truck handling it’s new load. In the shakedown video, I already showed how our insides got tossed about the camper. It’s time to take a break from work and just enjoy some scenery so this post and the video are simply about the trail, the caravan, and the beautiful sunset. It was fun to switch gears a bit and work on a trail video. This is the first time, I can actually categorize a post as a truck trail outing rather just the jeep. And, no we left the jeep at home. It was good we did; I wouldn’t have wanted to tow through all the wash boarding for 2 days of 4WD driving.

For the record, no one actually took a break, the work is never ending in the shop.

Episode 15 Video

What’s next?

I wasn’t sure what was next until the shopping excursion to the metal store happened. The rig’s top armor is getting installed. The armor provides protection of the top edge from branches and will support/protect for the 4 additional solar panels. That will bring us to 5 x 190W= 950W total. One additional panel compared to the old Lance camper configuration. Plenty of incoming energy to keep our 1166 amp hour battery bank topped off. Yep that’s equivalent to nearly 12 lithium batteries, such as the Battle Born’s Lithium Iron Phosphate 100 Ah 12V.

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