You may or not caught on yet, but I got stuck on needing to name the new rig. After weeks of exploring name lists and letting names simmer in my head, Maximus has won out. He maximizes all our needs for a tiny house including power, water, space, and comfort. You’ll see the name Maximus crop up often in reference to the new rig. Definitely rolls off our tongues.

Making our way North

This is technically one of two posts covering this initial trip from Southern California to Washington. Where we stayed and how we found places in a state that offers no to limited convenient free parking spots was covered. Now we have a video of the road trip, our camping overnight locations, and several short site seeing stops we made along the way.

We have done enough driving to know that we are at our best when we’re bounded by a max of 4 hours driving or 200 miles. On this route we did 5, 6+ hours up until our last day. In other words, we + Cooper were all tired of driving/riding.

Our Route

A Death Valley National Park visit was in our sites, unfortunately we sucked up that portion of the trip back in the shop instead. The battery design needed to be re-thought. That work took about 5 days to complete the redesign, reconfiguration and reinstall.

Knowing we weren’t going to head to the park and that we’ve traveled a few times along CA HWY 395, I choose to cover new ground by picking a route on the western side of the Sierras. That was followed by connecting to our friends in Central Point, OR and then NE through Bend and north on OR HWY 97 until we crossed into Washington. We enjoyed beautiful and ever changing scenery once we left the Los Angeles, CA.

You’ll see a lot of our colorful and changing drive scenery in this 1st trip video.

Episode 1 Video – Maximus Travels

As I mentioned, the road trip was long and almost constant driving. I had a planned break in the middle of the route where we could mooch dock for an extra day. The plan proved useful as Steve needed to make a few plumbing changes allowing the water pump to be easily serviceable. He also needed to address our reverse osmosis pressure problem which was but really wasn’t a surprise. Lack of time limited how much it was used before hitting the road. The problem was apparent once we started guzzling our own tasty, purified water; the main water pump couldn’t support the RO system demands and kept overheating. He researched then ordered the needed permeate pump during our day off and problem was easily resolved once we landed in Everett and we could receive shipments. There’s a forthcoming technical write up of the change and why it works well. Here’s his short summary posted on Instagram!

What’s next?

For now we’re docked in Washington while Steve works with his eldest remodeling a kitchen. I have a family trip to Arkansas coming up and then we need to return back to Southern California for 3-4 weeks. We’re hoping we have some slack on that return trip to meander more and see another new area.


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