When it’s over 100 pounds and the mounting location is higher up than Steve is tall, a winch is the only way to go. He welded a tire carrier, built a custom mount for the winch, burned holes in his socks and singed some leg hairs. But, the end result is a solid and now accessible method to get to the spare tire.

Before this mounting location, the tire was located down low, between the rear wheels. So, why not leave it as is? Good question. There’s been a component shuffle going on over the last 3 months. Starting with the battery relocation and the big battery bank taking over the initial gray tank location. That meant we’d need a new gray tank and a custom shaped one would be the only way to maximize the size and integrate it under the chassis. The only space left was where the spare tire had been living. Watch the tire mount and testing result in the video below.

DIY Truck Camper’s new Spare Tire Mount

What’s Next?

This was the 2nd large project out of 3 must do’s. The AC was the first. Now it’s time to create that custom shaped gray tank and get it installed. Now you know what the next post and video will be showing!

As I write this, we are ready to be wheels up today! The new tank did get completed, we’re 90% loaded and we’ll head out this afternoon. It’ll be a very hot drive and there’s no where to hide from the heat tonight, so we’re going to drive later in the day than usual and arrive at our overnight spot later in the evening. AND then that new A/C will be put to the test!

We are making our way towards Bryce National Park. We visited this park for the first time in 2018 and finally get to do a return visit. We only had a partial day that first trip and now we’re looking forward to at least 2 full days and experiencing a couple good day hikes. Temps there will be in the low to mid 80s which is a huge relief from our 100+ we’ve been experiencing now.

Bryce Canyon from our 2018 Trip

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