Cedar Pocket Road off the I-15

Cedar Pocket Road runs through the Beaver Dam Wilderness and is a BLM area. The road is off the I-15 in the little corner of Arizona between Nevada and Utah.

It’s a great overnight stop for us because it’s on the main route heading between Southern California and Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming. Our first overnight here was a two years ago. At that time, it was one of our first boondocking stops and we were both unsure of what to expect and even what to search for before hand. Here’s our first campsite about 1 mile in. This site is still available for dispersed camping!

Cedar Pocket Pass Dispersed Campsite 2018 in our Lance 1130

For this visit in June 2021, we were a little more prepared but did encounter some extreme heat. Before we review the camp area, here’s feedback on using our Mini-Split A/C for the first time:

A/C Mini Split First Real Use on the Road

This stay was in June 2021 and the drive in was miserably hot. By the time we were setup, the outside temperature was down to 103 and the inside temperature was 106.  It was a good time to test the new Mini-Split Air Conditioner and get cooled off so we could sleep.  We ran the A/C on jet mode to bring it down under 100 then continued running normal until we could get the indoor temps to the mid 80s.  By then it’s been 2 hours and it’s after 9pm.  We left the A/C running on low all night long. That and my little personal fan in the bunk was put to work to help cool us off more. Although we got as cool as we could, sleep was evasive that night.

The power consumption was along what we expected from the unit. For us, during drive days, this isn’t a problem. We recharged the battery back to 100% over a few hours with the 2nd Alternator.

  • Starting Battery Bank Voltage: 28.1 Volts (85% of capacity) @ 9PM
  • Ending Battery Bank Voltage: 26.3 Volts (50% of capacity) @ 6 AM
  • 9 hours and down 35% (Included cooking usage and continuous refrigerator usage)

Our 2018 Cedar Pocket Road Camping Photos

Now that we have 3 years of boondocking experience and we’d been here previously, we quickly navigated the road in. We intended to head back over a mile from the highway. Since our 2018 visit, it was obvious that the road had been improved and we easily headed past our 2018 camping spot to my intended spot. The spot that would have this view!

2018 Cedar Pocket Wash Area & Hike

Well, the intended spot, is now a trail head and you can’t drive into the area providing this cool view overlooking the canyon. Did we turn around? Nope. We kept going and located a beautiful location. This new spot is also overlooking Cedar Pocket Wash and it was perfect. Well other than the extreme heat that day, it was perfect!

Our 2021 Newly Discovered Cedar Pocket Road Camp Site Photos

Morning Sun Lighting up the Canyon behind Maximus

Summary from 2021 Stay

  • GPS: 36.97618, -113.79894
  • Easy to locate: Yes
  • Public Land: Yes BLM
  • Cell: 2 bars TMobile LTE
  • Crowded: not at all
  • Clean: mostly clean
  • Would we stay here again: Yes

Map View

Video of the Trip and Cedar Pocket Road Campsite

2022 Cedar Pocket short camp area review


If you decide to head to this dispersed area and have a longer rig, I’d recommend stopping in the first couple of large areas available. Once you pass those the canyon narrows and you can’t turn around until you get close to the trail head.

Arrive before it gets too dark. Darkness descends quickly in the canyon as the sun disappears behind the mountains. If you arrive near dark and proceed further beyond those early spots, you may have challenges identifying the spots to stop.

It can be extremely hot here so plan accordingly with shade and water. The canyon can provide some shade as the sun goes down which helps.

What’s Next?

From here, we’re heading into the Dixie National Forest to visit Red Rock and Bryce Canyon areas. Looking forward to finding another great dispersed camp location and staying put for a few days. I have another great camping review along with our hikes to share with you.

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