Sunrise-Sunset Colorful Displays to Start/End a Day

I’ve always enjoyed photography and once we started traveling and were retired I have time to do more. More of everything. More mistakes, more edits, more learning. I started our blog as a place to share our travels and stories beyond just a shared photo album.

Now, I stumbled across a weekly photo challenge and decided to participate. Sunday Stills hosted by Terri on her blog, SecondWindLeisure blog is where I found the challenge. I’ll endeavor to capture a fresh image that fits the theme and also share a few photos. For me the photos all tie back to memories of our life and travels together. Hope you find them interesting and enjoyable.

This week’s challenge is titled: Sunrise-Sunset.

This Weeks Sunrises

Watching a sunrise is always a reminder that the day ahead is brand new. We do all get a chance for do overs. Start something new. Learn something new. Challenge yourself.

Maximus at Cedar Pocket Wash in AZ 06/21/2021

My All Time Favorite is a Sunrise

Sunrises can be hard to meet. When we’re traveling in the rig and land somewhere new for a few days, I enjoy discovering the new sunrise experience. Being awake early enough to catch it is one thing but really cold mornings can be a struggle. Yet, the end result always seems worth it (to me).

For example, this was an early fall visit to Glacier National Park and it was chilly requiring some bundling up for me to hang outside for any duration. Home, for the max 3-day camping limit, was right on this river bank. We stayed a few miles outside the park’s west entrance. Beautiful!

Early Morning Light, Fog at Camp new Glacier Park


Here’s a few sunsets from our road trips the last 3 years

More Sunrises