Challenge: The Great Outdoors

I’ve always enjoyed photography and once we started traveling and were retired, I have time to do more. More of everything. More mistakes, more edits, more learning. I started our blog as a place to share our travels and stories beyond just a shared photo album.

Now, I stumbled across a weekly photo challenge and decided to participate. Sunday Stills hosted by Terri on her blog, SecondWindLeisure blog is where I found the challenge. I’ll endeavor to capture a fresh image that fits the theme and also share a few photos from our archives. For me, the photos all tie back to memories of our life and travels together. Hope you find them interesting and enjoyable.

This week’s challenge is titled: The Great Outdoors.

This Weeks Photo(s)

I ended up with 2 photos. When I think the Great Outdoors I usually zero in on expansive views, landscape that goes for miles, roads that wind through a favorite mountain, or simply geese flying over a lake. But this week not only did I take an expansive view picture, but I realized my 2nd photo was quite the opposite.

Great Outdoors

Can come in small packages. I’m also drawn to tiny colorful wildflowers. Just Friday morning we stayed overnight near a creek. Next to the creek were large colorful flowers. Blooming purple, swaying in the morning light just showing off.

What I see the most in the great outdoors is always a surprise. I’m delighted with every unique rock, mountain, lake, rivers, bugs, and flowers.

Maximus in Dixie National Forest 06/25/2021

Great Outdoors from my Archives

Over the 3+ years of traveling I have so many favorites. Here’s a sampling and feel free to browse more on the site.

Great and Odd Outdoors in Bisti Badlands