We cleaned up, loaded up and went wheels up leaving the shop behind.  One last shop project video is now live and we review our integrated macerator pump built into a new gray tank plus added a water saving hot water recirculation setup to Maximus.

On top of the RO system and fresh tank mgmt we are feeling pretty good about how we’re storing and consuming and not wasting water.

Now we can put a pause on working and go exploring.

DIY Truck Camper’s Water System Upgrades

We added a built in macerator pump to our custom gray tank to simplify dumping the tank (aka lets us use pit toilets for example). We also added a water recirculation system letting us return colder water to the tank until the hot water is ready to come out. No more hiding from the initial cold shower water for us!

What’s Next?

This was our 3rd large project out of the must do’s which means we’re done. Yeah! Now it’s time to clean up and load up. Earlier this week we headed out towards Bryce National Park. We both enjoyed spending a day in the park hiking and a 2nd day hiking in Red Rocks Canyon. We enjoyed great weather…even with the periodic rain and even hail passing through.

Now we’ve continued on to Grand Junction where Cheryl will stay for a week and Steve will move on to Wyoming. We have a lot of our Utah time to share coming up in the next week or two.

Dixie National Forest Camping near Bryce Canyon 2021

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