In the midst of all these evergreens lies many cell service black holes. And we fell into one last week. As I’m getting ready to work on tomorrows #SundayStills post, I realized that this was never published for LAST Sunday. Oh well, when we’re on the road, I can’t and don’t want to always control if we’re connected. Sometimes it’s best to be just disconnected. Better late than never….here you go!

Here’s Terri’s great Evergreen post

This Week’s Photography Challenge

The color of the month photography theme is Evergreen. As most places are baking our more treasured travel homes involve mountains this time of year. Many mountains have trees. Many of those trees are evergreen. Their “leaves” are more needle like and don’t get change color or shed as the diminished, winter sunlight comes along.

Here’s a few of our recent evergreen trees from our travels.

Next week’s challenge is going to be a challenge for me. It is a geometric challenge called Explore Angles. I’ll be hunting angles this week. May turn out to be a bust but never know till you start looking!

Evergreen in the Archive

About the Challenge

I stumbled across a weekly photo challenge and have participated for a few weeks now.  Sunday Stills hosted by Terri on her blog, SecondWindLeisure blog, is where I found the challenge.  I’ll endeavor to capture a fresh image that fits the theme and also share a few photos from our archives.  For me, the photos all tie back to memories of our life and travels together. Hope you find them interesting and enjoyable.