Camping on the North Platte River in Wyoming

If you’re a fisherman/woman you may already know about this section of the river. It was a wonderful new discovery for us! We don’t fish but, we longed to pull the kayak out for some easy flowing water days. I found the route when plotting a course from Rawlins, WY to Montana. What better way to make this trek and not only hit the road but hit the river.

This post is a review of the camping area and will be one of 2 maybe 3 posts covering this trek.

The Area

This is Miracle Mile Recreation area on the North Platte River and it sits between Kotes and Pathfinder Reservoirs, north of the I-80 in Wyoming. It would also be a viable camping and fishing area if traveling from the Casper WY area.

Finding the campsite

We initially parked at the 3rd fishing access after we crossed the bridge. After scouting about in the jeep, we took the opportunity to relocate as evening was descending.

Camp Locations

The first fishing access we pulled into is the lower waypoint on the map. The one we camped at is the upper waypoint on this map. It was nice as it was a spur road from the main road so you’re away from any traffic. There wasn’t much traffic on the main road. The site was also at the end of this spur road so no visitors or passerbys.

There was a little backwater area making it easy for us to use as a take out location for our kayak.

There are numerous fishing access sites all long this stretch. All access sites allow camping plus there were a few dispersed areas sprinkled in between the official access point.

We enjoyed being able to put our kayak in upstream and paddle our way downstream to our campsite. It was convenient and easy to not break camp just to park another vehicle at the put in or take out spots. The weather was near perfect during our stay but, I imagine it could be uncomfortably hot at times.

As with most water areas, there are definitely bugs; the good news is we never got bit while here in this recreation area. Unfortunately we had to use our fly shatters inside the rig often. These large, moth like things would fly and land onto the back hatch screen. Then take a walk eventually finding the screen edge and push through our screens to join our indoor party.

Traveling Route

To travel to the area, we followed the Seminoe-Alcova Scenic Backcountry Byway or also called Seminoe Road. We traveled northward from the I-80.

Once I mapped out the distances and driving times, I checked a couple campsite review apps (I.e., and Campendium) to see if there was word/reviews of specific camping areas along our route besides the established campground, Dugway and the Seminoe State Park area. (which I show briefly in the video below).

After a little research of camping reviews and maps, I located the Miracle Mile area. Being less than <2 hour drive away would give us the first afternoon to setup and just hangout. In the map screenshot above, you can see where we were north of our driving route by the light blue waypoint markers. There is camping and fishing access all through this area between the two reservoirs!


  • GPS: 42.23736,-106,88780
  • Easy to locate: Yes.
  • Public Land: Yes
  • Cell: no T-Mobile
  • Crowded: During the day, the fishing activity is good but not crowded by any means and camping crowd was non-existent
  • Clean: yes
  • Amenities: Vault Toilets in the primary access sites, but not all parking sites had one available
  • Would we stay here again: Yes

Check out the full video of the North Platte River trip including campsite reviews for Miracle Mile and Trapper’s Route recreation areas.

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