Fall is here in full force this week. Cool and crisp to down right cold and snow has arrived already. October will always be pumpkin month for me. Pumpkin everything, including the color Orange.

Fall Pumpkin

Orange, specifically burnt orange or blood orange is also the color of the month for the weekly #Sundaystills photo challenge. Just this last couple of weeks, we’re seeing many fall colors, orange included, in our travels. Here’s a great collection of not only burnt orange but some fun orange discoveries and my beloved, Mr. Cooper sporting orange. You’ll have to get to the end to see his cuteness.

I’ll start with the fall color snap of the week. We were up on Montana and happened to be in Thompson Falls, MT. There’s an area called Island Park which is a beautiful small island in the river. The trails are quiet and cool and also share the history of the not one but two dams being built before 1920. The trees colorfully overlooking the smaller dam with the water cascading to the rover was just eye catching to me.

Thompson Falls Dam October 2021

Here’s a few more of my favorite Orange finds.

Orange in Southern California

A couple years ago we had a huge flower bloom and the California Poppy burst out to shout Spring is here.

California Poppies

Our Southern California place is also known at “The Citrus Orchard” with late January through March being the best times to pick Valencia oranges and enjoy that fresh squeeze juice (with or without champagne).

Freshly Squeezed

Natures Hot Water

This first picture is from an unmaintained, decommissioned camp ground near Mt. Ranier in Washington State.

Soda Springs Campground, Washington 2020

Yellowstone is one of the most unique parks we have to enjoy. It’s an amazing geological area full of surprises.

Yellowstone National Park 2019
Yellowstone National Park 2019


Butterflies quickly flit about making it difficult to capture. Finally, I happened upon one who enjoyed lingering on colorful blooms as much as I lingered taking them in; It’s a great backdrop for the monarch’s colorful wings.

Butterfly Joy 2018

This poor butterfly, flies no more. I don’t recall how or where we found him but he was too colorful to not capture a picture.

Monarch Butterfly

🧡 Orange

I’ve recently shared kayak related posts with our summer excursions. Most recently we went paddling on the Snake River and earlier this summer we discovered two nice stretches on the North Platte River. Being Orange, it’s included here as well. This is an amazing tandem kayak which is comfortable even for my big guy, 6’4″ Steve. It’s brought me many memories and yes, a couple of them involve getting wetter than planned.

Our Kayak, Pillar Falls 2021

You never know what you’ll encounter until you get out and explore. Just a couple weeks ago we were in the middle of no where and found quite a collection of old and new structures and random stuff. A tossed aside rusty, RV oven just called to be show cased.

Old RV Oven, Middle of nowhere 2021

Just a week ago we were in a hayfield full of green so when the train rolled through, I couldn’t help but find the orange cars to share.

Train Cars Northern Idaho 2021

Sunrises (and sunsets)

Many a sunset has romanced me, but this sunrise morning outside of Glacier National Park beats all of the sunsets. We were camped on the river, a fog was rolling out, and the river calm when the sun slowly washed the area with this dazzling colorful wake up call. It was quite cold that morning too, making it even more memorable to have captured the day’s start.

Sunrise outside of Glacier Park 2019

Mr. Cooper

The Puggle’s, glow in the dark, collar. Now, I can see him after sunset if he wanders. Although his years are getting the better of him these days and I no longer need to worry as he prefers to stay close. He readily sticks to my leg and doesn’t notice or care if there’s something to chase. He also doesn’t mind that I still wrap him in colorful, orange light.

His loyalty, love and quirkiness always warms my heart. Orange is like that warm glow of the sunrise, a campfire, hot springs and my Mr. Cooper’s glowing collar.

Mr. Cooper Dressed for Campfire Time

About the Challenge

I stumbled across a weekly photo challenge and have participated for a few weeks now. Sunday Stills hosted by Terri on her blog, SecondWindLeisure blog, is where I found the challenge. I’ll endeavor to capture a fresh image that fits the theme and also share a few photos from our archives. For me, the photos all tie back to memories of our life and travels together. Hope you find them interesting and enjoyable. Enjoy Terri’s post “Monthly Color Challenge – Burnt or Blood Orange”.