Since we’ll be heading back to the shop in a week, it’s time to prioritize our upgrades we need done on Maximus. The focus here is upgrades only but trust me, there is a lot of maintenance and fix it items on another list. We’ll ignore that for now!


While in Challis National Forest, we took some time to organize our upgrades and now we can share them with you all. A key area is focused on how to handle colder temperatures more effectively; that includes both power needs and storage. If you are traveling for long durations, you’ll typically have multiple seasons of clothes and shoes with you. We discovered that we are very lean on cold weather clothing so getting out of a snow storm last weekend was important.

What’s Next

As this goes out, we’ll be making our way to Death Valley National Park before we get to the shop. We’re both excited to finally carve out some time at the right time of year to get our initial visit in at this park. It’ll be high 70s to 80 degrees Fahrenheit during our time there.

I have a few additional camping review and our road trip up to and from Northern Idaho to publish both video and blog; following that I’ll be able to dive into what I expect to be a mountain of video and pictures from our Death Valley visit. Somewhere between all of that I (Cheryl) travel back to Michigan to visit family and my daughter, Cara is headed out to Southern California for a long weekend. It’ll be nice to focus on family visits for a bit. Steve will start diving into multiple projects and we’ll continue releasing Maximus project videos from the shop.

Lastly, of course is I have been enjoying the monthly photography challenges and will continue posting my weekly Sunday Stills photos. I see my current photography improving and it makes the hobby more entertaining and fun.

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