Our photo challenge this week is the word “Afloat”. When you think about it, afloat, is a tricky word to show with images. The definition reflects both goodness and trouble.

Moraine Lake Kayaks at Rest on a Rainy Day

Afloat defined by dictionary.com is:

adverb, adjective
floating or borne on the water; in a floating condition:
The ship was set afloat.

on board a ship, boat, raft, etc.; at sea:
cargo afloat and ashore.
covered with water; flooded; awash:

The main deck was afloat.

in circulation:
A rumor is afloat.

free of major trouble, especially financially solvent:
to keep a venture afloat.

It’s a tricky word

Being covered in water or on water is a straight forward use of this word. It’s also what most of us think of as being afloat.

However, the other uses can be very positive or not. I’ll definitely take “free of major trouble” over rumors “are afloat.”

My Shoshone Falls image above seems to portray all of the definitions. If you’re free of troubles you’ll remain afloat but if not you could come crashing down. Fortunately, there maybe a rainbow which will offer you a bright beginning.


After a lifetime of hard work and investing in ourselves and our futures, we are very much afloat, can travel when and where we desire and can focus on simply being afloat in the water. We travel with a 15’ tandem kayak and love to explore water areas. Sometimes, its just a fun, boring float, and other times, there’s some excitement. We get excited to observe wild life from the river that would otherwise be out of sight.

Our Kayak Keeps Me Afloat

…and in my happy place, on the water. I also swim and love being in the water but not necessarily when kayaking (water can be very chilly). We’ve had the opportunity to float in a few amazing places. Our two favorite locations are on the Snake River in Twin Falls and in the Grand Tetons. The Flaming Gorge is an area we need to revisit so we can paddle through the red canyon!

About the Challenge

I stumbled across a weekly photo challenge and have participated for a few weeks now. Terri, our challenge host, is on vacation this week. However we have a great standin to keep the challenge going, Natalie the Explorer! Enjoy Afloat on the Water by Natalie the Explorer