Finally, I’m able to share our trip from Montana to Idaho. Even with a planned route, there’s typically a surprise somewhere along the way. Not only a surprise, but we gave up driving into the evening and spontaneously stopped for the night. Our spontaneous overnight was along the Big Hole River and was our first at a Montana Fish and Game campground.


The journey included 3 animal roadblocks, great river scenery and a gravel road warning that sounded like it was a “danger, danger, Will Robinson” mountain kind of drive.

I have to admit, this was one of my favorite treks between point A and point B.

Video: Road Trips, Rivers & Roadblocks

This video includes our campground review, our driving roadblocks and scenary along the Salmon River and the Trail Creek Road over the Sawtooth Mountains.

What’s Next

After this fun road trip trek, we landed in Idaho. Unfortunately, it was a project visit and boy did we work! It was an eye opening visit to our home build site and what happens to this land when we’re not around. Catch a glimpse of the site in my Sunday Stills post, My Garden Nemesis, from a couple weeks back.

We’re still looking for more travel fun in between our projects and Maximus.4×4.Camper has been getting too comfortable in moochdocking mode. So stay tuned and see what we end up discovering next!