While being on the road has its charm, it also has its challenges. Water is a major resource for any camper and carrying it with you in fresh and gray tanks has a cost associated with it.

In Maximus, we use our fresh water tank for washing (dishes and us) as well as feeding our RO system for on demand drinking water. It’s a well thought out and manageable setup.

However, we’ve been battling leaks since the first day we drove Maximus out of the shop. Some of the fittings have already been repaired but one elusive leak continues to occur.

Along with that, when puddles formed outside of the cab, there was a small fire drill. We’d completed 2 days driving from Red Lodge, Montana to Hailey, ID. The leak went undetected until we’d been parked in Hailey overnight.

Finding and repairing leaks can be problems in many RVs. Our video post, Steve shows how the elusive leak repair goes and walks through why we had puddles under the cab.


What’s Next

Our drive between MT and ID along smaller roads was fun and entertaining. That’ll be in a campsite review video next week.

Then we spent 2 weeks working on our property in Idaho. You can see what was going on there in my Garden Nemesis photo challenge post.

As I write this short blog post, we are driving through ranches and itty bitty towns to get to South Dakota. The goal is to purchase a specifically configured Ford F150 (used). Not too many out there and we picked this one as the best option and shortest distance from where we were in ID.

That’s all for now!