This week’s photography challenge theme is “In the Garden” and that definitely presents a challenge since I have no garden. Steve tried a vegetable garden one summer. Unfortunately between the shade from a 80′ pecan tree and insufficient watering it didn’t grow very well. Cooper did enjoy some of the fruits of his labors.

I have a few plants around and about our yard plus a mini orchard. Unfortunately, we also spend at least 6 months on the road and never wanted to invest time in caretaking of a garden remotely.

Fortunately, I do know a couple things about gardens. All gardens need a couple key things. One is water and another is weeding. Weeds have never been my friend. So, without a garden to show off unique and colorful images this week, I decided to show off our nemesis. Weeds. We are at war with weeds.

Check out our weed jungle!

4′-8′ Tall Weeds Covered the Site
Our Weed Pile Keeps Growing

The Backstory

It started with a vision. First we got married and then we both retired. We combined homes, but we knew our long term home would be one we dreamed up together. When we didn’t find homes that met our vision, we decided to build one.

We found a small lot on a creek. We bought it, closed in January 2021 and are now proud owners of dirt! Along with dirt, the lot came with water, power, septic, and at least a 100 trees and various plants. surrounding the property. All these living plants and trees need some caretaking. Taking care of a large yard without us being around seemed simple. Just keep it watered, right?

Water, Water, Water

Once winter sped away and spring was sprung, we spent 2 weeks installing automatic watering to take care of our plants and trees.

Summer here can be hot and dry. The power bills alone told me that our regular watering was working and our mini tree forest and fruit trees would survive. So with that peace of mind, we continued onward with our summer travels as planned.

Everything Grew Too Well

It’s now 4 months later and we arrived to our future home site over a week ago. We were hopeful that all was growing well and the death toll would be minimal.

Everything was definitely growing leaps and bounds…including our nemesis.

Oh my! We now own a jungle!

Shovel Stands Guard
A very busy wheel barrel

Green Trees Enjoying Life

Our site contains several rows of trees near the road. In between each row strives to be shady elegance. But, like my hair in humid weather, it was extremely out of control. In need of a mower, Steve set out to reign in the saplings, low dangling banches and long grass. Using just a machete and a weed wacker he’s making great progress and bringing back some form of shady elegance beneath the trees.

Just No Class Between the Trees
So Many Tree Saplings Trying to Take Over
Making Progress
First Row’s Cleanup
The Large Weed Pile

Weeds are Nature’s makeshift. She rejoices in the grass and the grain, but when these fail to cover her nakedness she resorts to weeds.

John Burroughs (1837-1921)

This proved true for us. Our cleared site turned jungle was Nature filling in all the blanks.

The Main Building Site now cleared

After all this work, our hands are worn down, shins are dinged and banged up, and finally our spirits are lifted. Mother nature may prefer to cover up our build site, but we prefer to see its full size. That’s what allows us to see our vision; our long term home’s home!

Our future home has spring blooms long gone but her fall fruit is already showing. Hopefully the fruit trees will enjoy a less entangled life these upcoming weeks.

Sharing A Tulip Field from the Archive

Spring is Tulip season and I’ve never seen so many colorful flowers in one place. While staying in Washington State, the big bloom was staring to unfold. We just happened to be about an hours drive away from the annual tulip festival. What a treat to see. I have to admit, I was like an excited kid being able to get up close to these delicate and colorful blooms.

Although my future home won’t have a tulip field, it’ll definitely shape up under some nurturing and of course water! In time, I hope the roots of our labor and love grow an abundant garden of healthy trees and colorful blooms on our own slice of heaven.

About the Challenge

I stumbled across a weekly photo challenge and have participated for a few weeks now. Terri, our challenge host, is on vacation this week. However we have a great standin to keep the challenge going, Natalie the Explorer! Enjoy In The Garden by Natalie.