The photo challenge theme this week is “Going Back…” Going Back [to, where, when, … fill in the blank] is the general idea. At first, I was stumped. The beauty of being retired is we have the time to revisit places from the past and reestablish connections with those friends you’ve lost touch with; I’ve done both. But since this is a photo challenge and I didn’t really have any photo captures depicting those “Go Back” moments, I decided to expand on my recent reminiscing Instagram post.

Traveling Back to Canada in Photos

Google likes to remind me of my event anniversary and just this week, we were in Canada 3 years ago. I even posted on our instagram that I was reminiscing before I knew what my photo challenge was for the week. The reminder prompted me to revisit our Canada trip photos from 3 years ago.

With summer’s peak crowds gone and temperatures cool but pleasant, September was a great time to visit the area.

Finding those photos sparked a desire to head back up to BC. Maybe we’d revisit the parks we’ve been too but I’d like to just keep exploring the countryside.

Going Back …

It’s only been 3 years, but a lot has changed in our travels. We no longer have the aging Lance Camper and now have our custom designed and built rig providing much more comfort and the ability to go further and do more. Oh, how I can’t wait to do more in Canada in our new rig.

Here’s a great sampling of our time in Canada. Further below I linked in the related blog posts for your reading and picture viewing pleasure.

Our Canada Travel 2019

Have you Been or Plan to do a Canadian Park Trip?

Drop us a comment and share what was your favorite Canada site or area you’ve been too. If you haven’t been yet (and, it’s never too late), share where you want to visit first below in the comments. Love to hear from others who have been or are still dreaming of going!

About the Challenge

I stumbled across a weekly photo challenge and have participated for a few weeks now. Sunday Stills hosted by Terri on her blog, SecondWindLeisure blog, is where I found the challenge. I’ll endeavor to capture a fresh image that fits the theme and also share a few photos from our archives. For me, the photos all tie back to memories of our life and travels together. Hope you find them interesting and enjoyable. Enjoy Terri’s post “Going Back? …”