What We Should’ve Done Differently

Time for check in to share our regrets list. After 6 months of the Maximus road tripping life, what isn’t working as we expected and what do we now regret designing into this custom rig. 

The regrets list isn’t long but it spans the gamut of issues from starting with just the single rear axle, to damaging jeep down to why bother with a tiny but nice looking lavatory sink that isn’t really that functional.


Since I neglected to send my blog post out last weekend, we have two videos to share. First the Regrets and second is this week’s fan replacement. Steve brought up the air circulation setup as being insufficient and now he’s received the replacement fan and got it installed.

What’s Next?

We made our way from WY back towards our new Idaho home site. Before WY, we spent several days back in Grand Junction, CO following a long 6 day trip to and from South Dakota. We paused our fun travel plans when a used F150 that met all our requirements became available. Now that Maximus has taken over the F350, we no longer have a working pickup. We needed something to help us maintain our new Idaho lot and move big items. We also scored a 14′ cargo trailer; we will use the trailer for both moving equipment to the new site starting next spring and for storage at the site between now and then.

The bonus find was a lawn tractor. So, we loaded up the tractor into the trailer hooked to the new F150 and made a caravan run to Idaho. We’ll be working here for about a week. After that, we can go play in the mountains or on a river.

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