My weekly photo challenge theme is Signs of Autumn. Around me now are a few trees starting to showcase their yellow leaves.

The heat of summer has left and we’re enjoying pleasant, sunny days and cooler, better sleeping nights.

Back in So.Cal. where the shop resides, it is still toasty and even had severe heat warnings. That’s why we’re still traveling and haven’t headed back yet!

Seasons mean it’s time for a fresh restart or in my techie world it’s time for a reboot. As seasons change we have the opportunity to reload our memory with new sights and sounds.

We can empty our caches with new inputs, advice, skills and joys. We can scrub our data bytes and wash away the crud weighing us down, making room for new experiences.

This could be your someday to jump into a new hobby, recipe, relationship.

Be inspired by the trees shedding their old leaves and generating a new batch.  The new batch will be even more glorious when spring leaps upon us.

For me, signs of Autumn start with color changes, then cooler nights, followed by fluffy couch throws. Of course, there’s the seasonal apples and pumpkins just begging to become pies and lattes. It’s time to go find some.

We’re headed to higher elevations where I’m hoping these Autumn signs are more pronounced; I’m ready to pumpkin spice something!

Once we return to the shop, I’ll look forward to evening fire pit time. Sitting by the fire pit, sipping a warm spiced cider is a great way to unwind.

When we eventually travel back to So. California, the fallen leaves beg to be cleaned up and is usually the first chore. Instead of spreading out, they tend to be blown at the front door. I guess they just want to be heard as we crunch our way back home for the first time in weeks; perhaps the trees missed us?

Fall Leaves and Cooper at the Door

I’ll leave you with one additional colorful fall image. A fall, desert sunset to wet your appetite for finding your someday and reboot.

About the Challenge

I stumbled across a weekly photo challenge and have participated for a few weeks now. Sunday Stills hosted by Terri on her blog, SecondWindLeisure blog, is where I found the challenge. I’ll endeavor to capture a fresh image that fits the theme and also share a few photos from our archives. For me, the photos all tie back to memories of our life and travels together. Hope you find them interesting and enjoyable. Enjoy Terri’s post “Signs of Autum? Spring?”.